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About Us

Far West Construction Company
Dale Jaedtke-President
P.O. Box 1781
Ventura, California 93002
Phone: (805) 648-2207
Fax: (805) 652-2272
Email: info@farwestconstruction.com
Website: www.wt59.cn
California Contractor's License # 462671
New Mexico Contractor's License # 31326

Established in 1979, FAR WEST GROUP, INC. dba FAR WEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY continues to maintain a reputation for high quality work at reasonable prices.

We, at FAR WEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, work closely with the Client/Agent and Architect in order to ensure a finished project that meets or exceeds the Client/Agent's expectations and falls within their budget.

We have performed all aspects of building (both new and remodel) from designing, utility tie-ins, septic systems, foundations, tilt up and framing on through to the finished product in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Listed below are just some of the areas in which FAR WEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has completed projects.

? Business Office Construction and Remodel
? Medical Office Construction and Remodel
? Residential Construction and Remodel
? Industrial Construction and Remodel
? Restaurant Construction and Remodel
? Retail Construction and Remodel
? Historical Buildings Renovations
? Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings
? Tenant Improvements
? Concrete Tilt-Ups
? Steel Buildings
? Design and Building of Speculation Homes
? Fire Station Construction and Remodel
? Hospital Remodel and Repair Work
? Car Wash/Gas Station Construction
? Earthquake Damage Repair Work
? Apartment Building Construction
? Flood Damage Repair Work
? Senior Handicap Facilities
? Self Storage Facilities
? Bridge Construction
FAR WEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY'S projects have ranged in size from a thousand square feet to tens of thousands of square feet and budgets between thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. We have had extensive dealings with Building, Planning and Coastal Commission Departments and we are well acquainted with their procedures and personnel.
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